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Welcome to my nightmare

and I'll show you to my room...

23 September
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ac/dc, adam sandler, afi, alice cooper, amulets, angela gossow, arch enemy, art, as i lay dying, at the gates, atreyu, audioslave, audrey hepburn, avenged sevenfold, blind guardian, bondage, boots, boston, boys in girl pants, breakfast at tiffanys, cameras, camping, cars, castles, children of bodom, chinese food, christianity, classic rock, concerts, dawn of the dead, death (the band), death metal, dimmu borgir, dominance, dragons, dream theater, dreams, drums, fahrenheit 451, fairies, family guy, fantasy, fear, filming, fire, fireworks, fishnet, garters, gene simmons' tongue, gin blossoms, guitars, guns n roses, hair dye, handcuffs, heart, heavy metal (the movie), heavy metal (the music), high places, iced earth, iced tea, insomnia, into eternity, into the mystic, iron maiden, italian food, jim carrey, johnny depp, kamelot, kansas, killswitch engage, kiss, labyrinth, lacuna coil, lakes, led zeppelin, legs, lemonade, life, lingerie, lips, live music, long hair, lynyrd skynyrd, megadeth, metal, michael romeo, mosh pits, motley crue, motorhead, movies, music, my fair lady, mythology, night, oceans, opeth, oriental, palindromes, pepsi, philosophy, pictures, piercings, pink floyd, pitchshifter, pittsburgh, poetry, poison, progressive metal, psychology, queensryche, rhapsody, rock, rocky horror picture show, rush, sandusky :), saturday night live, savatage, shadows fall, slayer, soilwork, soundgarden, south side, stars, static-x, stockings, summer, sunsets, swords, symphony, symphony x, tattoos, the 13th warrior, the beach, the doors, the point, the refreshments, the strip district, the undead, thunderstorms, trans syberian orchestra, trucks, tye dye, vampires, vikings, vintage, violin, writing